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Western Committee on Crop Pests: Committee Overview and Terms of Reference

~Est. 1962~

The Western Committee on Crop Pests (WCCP) consists of a widely-based group of pest management experts and researches who meet annually to determine best practices for integrated pest control in Western Canada. The WCCP recommends the selection of safe and effective chemical pest control agents (not necessarily products). The goal of the WCCP is to determine the integrated pest management methods that are cost-effective and do not adversely affect the health of individuals, livestock, wildlife or the environment.


History of the WCCP

The archives of the Western Committee on Crop Pests indicate that the committee was born in 1962 as The Committee on Insecticide Use for Crops In the Prairie Provinces. The founding members were from the Entomology Departments of the Lethbridge, Saskatoon and Winnipeg Research Stations; the Departments of Agriculture of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and a member from the chemical industry.   

The Terms of Reference of the committee in 1962 were: 

  1. i. to determine the best insecticides, their rates of application and possible hazards; 
  2. to determine the basis for such decisions and the necessity for further research; 
  3. to plan for cooperative research on the more important current problems;
  4. to encourage a regional outlook on common entomological problems; and
  5. to encourage provincial and federal cooperation.

In 1966, the group added representatives from British Columbia and from the Food and Drug Directorate and became the Western Committee on Crop Pesticides. This new committee name remained in place until 1975 when the committee formally became the Western Committee on Crop Pests (WCCP).

The terms of reference were revised at the 2013 meeting of the WCCP to reflect the current nature of meetings and activities of the group. The current Terms of Reference are:

1. to provide and archive annual provincial summaries of current insect concerns and of relevant entomological research in Western Canada;

2. to provide a forum for the presentation, discussion and communication of current topics and concerns relevant to insect management in Western Canada;

3. to plan for cooperative research on important current and potential insect problems;

4. to encourage a regional outlook on common entomological problems;

5. to facilitate collaboration among provincial, federal and industry agencies to resolve issues related to insect management, and;

6. to maintain and up-date best management guidelines on monitoring and biological, cultural and chemical control of insect pests of crops in Western Canada.

Today the WCCP is a dynamic group representing federal and provincial agriculture departments, federal regulatory agencies, universities, crop commodity groups and the crop protection industry.  The committee rotates its annual meeting among the four western Provinces  in association with the Western Forum on Pest management and the Western Committee on Plant Diseases. Attendance is open to all persons involved in the development and implementation of insect management and related activities in Western Canada.